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40K: 9th Edition Updates - Aircraft

Updated: Jun 24

Over on Warhammer Community today we saw ‘Taking Flight’ - the most recent peak under the bonnet (or ‘hood‘, for our American friends!) at the new and updated rules for Warhammer 40,000’s upcoming edition. This is a fairly light reveal but read on for my take on what this means for Craftworlds Warhosts.

A hemlock wraithfighter soars above an Ulthwé Strikeforce

Aircraft, not Flyer

Firstly, terminology. There are still Flyers in the game but there is now this new Aircraft keyword which applies to our Crimson Hunters, Exarchs and Hemlock Wraithfighters. The full list of which Flyers get the new Aircraft keyword is up on the Warhammer Community site.

So what will the rules mean for the Craftworlds?

Well, they will be able to go off the board and enter reserves to come back on later. There is an upcoming reveal with more detail on this but my guess is that they spend a turn off the board much like Swooping Hawks would now when they fly high.

When they come back, though, they essentially deep strike, arriving the usual 9” or more from enemy units. Aircraft, while still needing their bases from a model perspective, don’t take up space or interact at ground level so no gamey shenanigans there.

It will keep people on the look out though. Will it invalidate the Cloudstrike stratagem I wonder? Who knows. I know the 8th Edition codices ‘will be compatible with’ 9th, but I think this will be a temporary fix and the replacement codices coming out for 9th will be superior.


I think out of our three Aircraft the Hemlock Wraithfighter will benefit the most from the new rules, being able to essentially arrive within striking distance. Both versions of the Crimson Hunter generally operate at twice the distance, though being able to not die when leaving a board edge does give them some flexibil

Quite a small update today but stay tuned for the next preview - likely next week after this weekend‘s 9th Edition starter set preview - for more info on how Strategic Reserves work.