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40K: 9th Edition Updates - Cover

Updated: Jun 24

Over on Warhammer Community yesterday we saw ‘Terrain Rules and Line of Sight’ - the most recent sneak peak at the new and updated rules for Warhammer 40,000’s upcoming iteration. This is a hefty reveal so read on for my take on what the latest preview means for Craftworlds Warhosts. Straight off the bat I can see some changes we’ll need to make to our lists!

What Changes, and Why?

Well, we’re seeing a picture develop with the previews for 9th Edition. It’s all amazing but there are clearly a few mechanics at play here designed to stop mass blobs of infantry. So far as the new terrain rules go, we will be seeing a lot more line of sight-blocking and what’s known as Light Cover, which gives +1 to saving throws (not invulnerable saves, obviously). While it’s uncertain how a unit with a few models behind light cover and a few out will benefit, it‘s clear our Wathosts will need updating.

With this preview, alongside the new vehicle and Blast updates, the following are considerations I think we’ll need to make and how, at the moment, I am thinking about updating the Blades of Vaul:

Wave Serpents

So right now my Serpents are all armed with three shuriken cannon. Now that vehicles don’t get the -1 from moving they can have other weapons. We have the new Blast rules so could consider the Aeldari missile launcher, but out of all our vehicles it is the Serpents that are usually right in the opponent’s face and sometimes in combat, whether charged by the enemy or used as a battering ram to tie up an enemy unit.

With this in mind, considering they might be needing to fire in close combat, I will be giving my Serpents star cannon.

Support Weapons

With the increase in obscuring terrain, weapons that ignore line of sight will be worth more in 9th Edition. We’re talking about the distort cannon and shadow weaver here. I will personally be going from vibrocannon back to my trusty distort cannon in 9th because, not only do they ignore line of sight but they are Blast weapons (new minimum hits rules on units of various sizes - see previous article) AND vehicles, so can move and fire Heavy weapons without penalty. Yes, they are short ranged, but they get a definite leg up in 9th.

War Walkers

Up till now I have been outfitting my War Walkers with bright lances. I think they are sleek and deadly - just like the Aeldari. However, I think in 9th my first though will be to give them Aeldari missile launchers. Obviously a flexible weapon, but also now no shooting while moving penalty on a Vehicle chassis.

War Walkers will often be flanking or behind enemy lines (or a fire base in our own lines) but are, I think, less likely to be in close combat, at least in intent, than Wave Serpents, so I think the missile launcher is the way to go here as it’s less likely you want these in combat and needing to shoot. Also, War Walkers are meant for flexible rolls and deployment anyway, so flexible weapons go hand in hand anyway!

Night Spinners

With the new Vehicle and Blast rules these have taken a step up in potency, but now with more line of sight-blocking terrain these will be gold dust.

Prime target - units of 11 or more infantry hiding behind obscuring terrain. That’s 12 guaranteed shots...

Dark Reapers

I actually don’t take the tempest launcher on the Exarch but it will come in really handy in 9th. Take an appropriate trait to complement this. We’ll likely see an MSU approach with Reapers and Exarchs with tempest launchers.

Hemlock Wraithfighter

I’m still taking this! Love it, and the ability to get behind that terrain the enemy is hiding behind is invaluable. New Flyer preview is coming tomorrow so we’ll see how these function in 9th in more detail then.

The high AP of the heavy distort scythes will also help cut through that Light Cover we’ll be seeing everywhere.


All of this can be summed up in two points for 9th:

  • Take more high AP to cut through all the Light Cover (this will likely be on vehicles, so star cannon and Aeldari missile launchers).

  • Prioritise Blast weapons on units less likely to be in combat.

  • Have fast / deep striking units to get into or behind that obscuring cover.

  • Put some line of sight-ignoring weapons in your list (this will likely be distort cannon and Night Spinners).

And that’s it! I’d love to hear what you all think! See you next time when we go through the updated Flyer rules.