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40K: 9th Edition Updates - Tanks

Updated: Jun 24

Over on Warhammer Community today we saw ‘Tanks Are Back On Track’ - today’s tantalising glimpse at the new and updated rules for Warhammer 40,000’s upcoming iteration. You’ll all have trawled this at least once I’m sure so read on for my take on what the latest preview means for Craftworlds.

There are essentially two new major changes (three if you count Blast weapon updates - tomorrow’s preview!):

1) Vehicles and Monsters no longer suffer a -1 to hit penalty when moving and shooting Heavy weapons (in fact, only infantry get the -1 now).

2) Vehicles and Monsters can shoot in close combat at the unit they are in combat with, but with a -1 to hit penalty.

All sounds good so far! But who are the winners and losers in a Craftworlds warhost and why?



One of my all time favourite units that has struggled rulewise for a while now. Wraithlords can tool up with, say, two starcannon, move up while shooting effectively and be able to fire those at -1 in close combat AND automatically hit with their two flamers, if you took them.

I predict we‘ll see these with flamers and two star cannon or Aeldari missile launchers.

Support Weapons

I love these probably more than I should but they fit so well with my Ulthwé! Getting into better position or moving to safety and not losing effectiveness is big. Also gives some punch against those deep strikers!

War Walkers

Cheap firepower that is fluffy for Ulthwé now a no-brainier for its intended harassment role on the flanks or behind enemy lines. With the amount of heavy firepower they bring your opponent should think twice before charging them!

Falcons / Fire Prisms / Night Spinners

Undeniably good but arguably less so than other choices as we now have a dud of an upgrade in the Crystal Targeting Matrix. Keep an eye out for how they’ll update this. My prediction is ignore cover.

Crimson Hunter / Exarch

This will be deadly for all fliers but keep an eye out for how they update the Hawkeye Exarch trait as it is now a dud.


This will be great for Wraithknights armed with a sun cannon (probably more so after tomorrow’s announcement on Blast weapons!). They could already move and fire Heavy weapons without penalty but shooting into their own combat will be huge. Also great for a heavy wraithcannon Knight charged by a close combat-oriented super heavy / monster!

Hemlock Wraithfighter

It‘s already hitting automatically so now getting to shoot in close combat (if it’s been charged by something with Fly of course!) and ignoring the to hit penalty is a great buff!

Sort of Winners


While not winners to the same extent as War Walkers (see above) due to only being able to mount one Heavy weapon each, those using Vypers as fast firepower with great reach will rejoice. Those players are, however, in all likelihood Saim Hann, so already moved and fired Heavy Weapons without penalty.


OK, so neither of these are vehicles, but we're seeing here the difference between vehicles and infantry with Heavy weapons.

Guardian Defenders

I love my Black Guardians, but they will potentially be the only unit able to take Heavy weapons who don’t have the Vehicle keyword. My prediction is that this will seal, the fate of the heavy weapon platforms only ever carrying shuriken cannon.


The Ranger long rifles are Heavy but you’ll not be able to fire them in combat. They’re Rangers, though, so shouldn’t be that close! (as an aside, how great would it be if they could lay traps again like in 3rd Edition’s Codex Craftworld Eldar?!)


And that’s it! My quick take on today’s preview. There’s definitely an emphasis on getting vehicles moving and not bogged down. I think, for me, the Wraithlord might just be the biggest winner here.