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Army List: Sylvaneth Gnarlroot Wargrove (1,000pts)

Having only fairly recently got into AOS I instantly fell in love with Sylvaneth. They are one of those armies with the lore, the look and the play style where, if I had been getting into the whole GW hobby afresh, would likely have been my go to, being a massive nature lover as I am!

Being instantly drawn to the Gnarlroot glade because of its magic focus and mystery I have focussed on this, though there are a couple of potential adjustments to make it more magic heavy. As always, I'd love your comments!

The Army List

Sylvaneth, Gnarlroot


Treelord Ancient (General) Spell: Regrowth


Relic: Chalice of Nectar

Spell: Verdurous Harmony

Battle line

Dryads (20)

Tree Revenants (5)




Kurnoth Hunters (3)



For this list I really wanted to keep to the Gnarlroot fluff and to play to its strengths - namely the re-rolling of 1s to hit when within range of a Gnarlroot wizard. I was on the fence about the inclusion of the Treelord and keep going back and forth between him or adding a Branchwych and 10 more Dryads. In that variation, I would give the Branchwych the Chalice of Nectar for more reliably high casting for Unleash Spites, also giving it Verdurous Harmony for bringing back those Kurnoths and Dryads, and switching the Branchwraith’s power to Throne of Vines. The Branchwych does get some bad press, which is understandable when compared to a Branchwraith who can summon Dryads but, I dunno, I like the Branchwych. I think I'd shy away from trying a 'Branchwych Bomb' though, as it's a bit of an eye roller for the opponent.

As it is, I am still really happy with this list. I would use Wyldwoods at chokepoints and near objectives, churning out new Dryad units in my deployment zone and keeping things like the Kurnoths, Treelord and Dryad blob in reserve to appear near one of my Wyldwoods to jump the opponent. As the Kurnoths can 'broadcast' Command Abilities, they could technically be near the Branchwraith rather than the Treelord Ancient (my general). I think Dryads would form a good defensive line for the Treelord Ancient while most of his attacks (his sweeping blows) would still get to hit at the range they operate at. Most importantly, I want to keep everyone near a wizard for the re-rolls.

There seems to be a bit of contention on whether you can 'teleport' Dryads to another wood when summoned that same turn. Anyone have the definitive answer on that?

What would be really nice would be to add Endless Spells, which I think are a really cool concept, to the list one day, though at 1,000 points this would perhaps be a bit much.

On a final note, I know that a lot of people take a lot of Spite Revenants at the moment. The reason I haven’t gone this route here is simply that the fluff for them doesn’t fit with what I’m going for here, although they are undeniably cool models! I also really like the deceptive durability you get sometimes from Dryads when they number at least 10 models and are near a Wyldwood. A +1 to save and -1 for enemies to hit is nothing to sniff at!


Admittedly, I haven’t used my Sylvaneth yet! I love the army but sadly lockdown came at exactly the wrong time. It does feel in AOS, however, that you generally fit less into lists when compared to 40K - the direction 9th Edition is going - and I actually think that’s really good. You can focus on fewer units (in terms of playing and also spending more time painting fewer models) and run slightly shorter battles - hopefully getting more games under your belt.

In the future, when fleshing out my list, I’d (obviously) like to add some more Kurnoths, perhaps with bows, but we‘ll see.

What are your thoughts?