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Army List: Ulthwé Strike Force (2,000pts)

After much writing, re-writing and second-guessing, here is my 2k list for the Blades of Vaul for the brief time we are still in 8th Edition.

Following the fluff of the Ulthwé Strike Force from Codex Craftworld Eldar (way back in 3rd Edition!) I have modelled my army as a fast, hard-hitting and predominantly Guardian-centric force with aspect warriors kept at a minimum.

I have broken my own rule a little here as I absolutely love wraith units, and at 2,000 points felt that an engagement of that magnitude would warrant use of such a precious resource as Wraithguard.

The Army List

Aeldari, Craftworld Ulthwé


Aetherion Fatespinner - Farseer

Singing Spear, Ghosthelm of Alishazier

Smite, Doom, Executioner

Earandil Voidspear - Autarch (Warlord)

Warlord Trait: Fate Reader

Liliath Brightstorm - Warlock

Singing Spear

Focus Will, Protect / Jinx


Black Guardian Defenders (20)

2 x Shuriken Cannon platforms

Black Guardian Defenders (10)

Black Guardian Defenders (10)

Rangers (5)

Rangers (5)


Wraithguard (8)


Fast Attack


2 x Shuriken Cannon


2 x Shuriken Cannon

Heavy Support

Support Weapon battery (3)


Support Weapon battery (3)


War Walkers (2)

4 x Aeldari Missile Launchers


Hemlock Wraithfighter

Smite, Jinx

Dedicated Transport

Wave Serpent

3 x Shuriken Cannon

Wave Serpent

3 x Shuriken Cannon


So this list has changed almost weekly and the eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that it is short of 2,000 points. This is in preparation for 9th Edition so don't click away just yet! While the majority of my lists have included two full size blobs of Guardian Defenders - and I still love that approach with Ulthwé - in this list I caved in to include my beloved Wraithguard.

The general plan with using this list is to zoom up the Wave Serpents, Hemlock and Vypers to get right into the face of the opponent T1 (though the Vypers may go after objectives). In the Serpents are the small Guardian units and all HQs. Once they get there (they will ideally be using their speed to focus on one part of the enemy line) the large Guardian blob will emerge from the Webway to hit like a hammer. The Wraithguard, in this list, will also be in the Webway, though they may hit a separate target as required.

While I'd love to have a completely mobile force, I personally really like the idea of the support weapon batteries. I imagine them at the foot of a Webway gate, pounding the enemy while your forces pour out for a lightning raid! Previous lists have included 4-5 distort cannons, though for me I like to go between to two from game to game. The support weapon batteries and Rangers should form a deep strike denial zone in my own deployment zone.

The War Walkers are great because they are quite an affordable way of getting heavy firepower onto the table, follow the Guardian theme well, and have in-built flexibility to either sit at the back (good for fast armies coming at you) or pop on from a table edge and hit the opponent in their back lines (my personal favourite).

In terms of psychic potential, it's no Tzeench list, but it's worth noting that we have mortal wounds coming from the Farseer, Hemlock and potentially both Serpents as well (more with the stratagem). Ulthwé Farseers have access to the Ghosthelm of Alishazier making their smites easier to cast. Coupled with the Warlock's Focus Will power and the Seer Council stratagem, we're potentially getting those all important super smites out more regularly! This is all the more potent with Eldrad, though I'm personally not into playing named characters as I like to forge my own narrative!


Well, I hope this was interesting and useful to come of you! As always, I will be revisiting all my articles and adding to / updating them.

Please leave your comments below! I'd love to hear your thoughts and your own experiences - Ulthwé or not!