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Army List: Ulthwé Strike Force (1,000pts)

So here is my 1k list for the Blades of Vaul for the brief time we are still in 8th Edition. This is designed for a quick post-lockdown game (though we'll be in 9th Edition by then!).

As with my main 2k list, this follows the fluff of the Ulthwé Strike Force from Codex Craftworld Eldar (way back in 3rd Edition!) and I have modelled my army as a fast, hard-hitting and predominantly Guardian-centric force with aspect warriors kept at a minimum and keeping sizes down (i.e. no big units like tanks).

While writing these lists I had an eye on the future (Eldrad would be so proud!) to how they would be adapted by the points rises that will be coming across the board when 9th Edition lands.

The Army List

Aeldari, Craftworld Ulthwé


Aetherion Fatespinner - Farseer (Warlord)

Singing Spear, Ghosthelm of Alishazier

Warlord Trait: Fate Reader

Smite, Doom, Executioner

Liliath Brightstorm - Warlock


Focus Will, Protect / Jinx


Black Guardian Defenders (18)

Shuriken Cannon platform

Black Guardian Defenders (18)

Shuriken Cannon platform

Black Guardian Defenders (18)

Shuriken Cannon platform

Heavy Support

Support Weapon battery (3)


Support Weapon battery (3)


War Walkers (2)

4 x Aeldari Missile Launchers


Following on from my 2K list, I have tried to keep to the Ulthwé Strike Force theme - probably even more so what with really having to consider what to cut out of the 2K list. In many ways it’s even truer to form!

Great though Wave Serpents are, at this points level I felt they were perhaps a bit hard to justify so have made my 1K list a foot-based list. One Guardian unit advances up with the HQs, being protected by psychic buffs and stratagems (Celestial Shield) and the other two wait in the Webway to all come together at one location to focus down one area of the enemy line.

While currently not a particularly exciting unit, I would have liked to take Vypers in this list for the light vehicle feel, though they mostly make my lists because I am particularly proud of my models (converted from Venoms - check out my painting showcase).

Again, I have included War Walkers here, partly for fluff, partly because they can cheaply bring heavy firepower to the table and have their own delivery system to, if they need to, come on from another board edge and hit something the opponent was trying to hide. I have gone with Aeldari missile launchers here for the flexibility of the dual firing modes, though in some other lists I have written I have them as more specialised flanking tank hunters with bright lances.

I have the same load out for my Farseer as I my 2K list, maximising destructive potential. However, there is a good argument to substitute Executioner with Fortune here. Lacking Wave Serpents, our fragile troops are exposed and any addition to survivability could be welcome.


This feels like a fairly balanced Ulthwé list that I’m pretty happy with. Not as happy as having my HQs in Serpents, but pretty happy. It’s about to get a bit trickier fitting even this into a 1K list with the points rises of 9th Edition so expect a revision soon!