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Lockdown Hobbying!

Updated: Jun 9

The Covid-19 lockdown has been really tough. With the schools closed and work still carrying on it's been a 200% drain on a daily basis. Luckily for you and I we have our hobby to unwind, and so I thought I'd share a few photos of my slow progress with my first 1,000 points of Sylvaneth.

My Treelord Ancient and a retinue of Kurnoth Hunters stalk through the Wyldwoods.

I previously decided to tackle the three sets of Awakened Wyldwoods first. There are a few big sprues in each and, even after two decades of hobbying, it was quite daunting! I also love the idea of growing lush, verdant (and sentient) ancient woodland on the tabletop so I’ll probably revisit these to add extra bits like spites, extra skulls etc.

I have very quickly based my three Kurnoth Hunters. I decided to try Citadel Contrast paints with this army so undercoated everything with Grey Seer then used Wyldwood for all browns and either Ork Skin or Militarum Green for the green areas such as leaves (or the dense foliage of the Awakened Wyldwoods). To highlight further, I dry brushed with Mournfang Brown and then Ushabti Bone. With the Kurnoth Greatswords, I am actually planning on redoing them. The Battletome shows them as this ethereal pale green blue, which I really like, but I actually want my blades and sharp treelord claws as blue black dark bark, so I have used the dark teal colour scheme found in the Citadel Paint app / on the Alarielle page on GW’s online store.

Finally, I have spent most time to far on my Treelord Ancient. It’s probably 30% done right now. I want to add more detail and a few other colours and totally rework the base. I’m planning to make his Doom Tendril staff more obviously a silver birch, and add some brighter colours and highlights to him in areas. I’ve gone for a magical green to blue transition on some head branches but think I’ll highlight these at each end with brighter blues and greens to try and emphasise the life magic. Still not sure whether to leave the spiral patterns as dark and recessed or as glowing with the life magic of the Realm of Life! This guy will be in all of my lists, so I plan on doing as much of a top job of him as possible.

Next job is probably to convert a Branchwych to a Branchwraith, as she will also be in all of my lists! Now I just need to find that bag of Sylvaneth bits...