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Painting Tips: Ulthwé Armour

Hi all! In the first of a series of painting tips, I’d like to quickly show anyone interested how I painted the armour of The Blades of Vaul and what colours I used, as well as discuss alternatives. Read on!

The Black Guardians of Ulthwé

Painting armour of the Aeldari is tricky. Whether you collect the Craftworlds or the dark kin, their armour is generally organic with flowing shapes. The trick is to pick a few prominent edges to show these armour plates. On lighter paint schemes this is made easier with washing over, but with dark colours like Ulthwé you’re on your own! It’s all in the highlighting.

Some people have has success basing them a dark grey and washing with Nuln Oil, but the following is how I approached my warhost.

Technique: Black armour plates

1) Undercoat your model(s) with Abaddon Black primer spray. This will save you a lot of work compared to other colour schemes. There are no lowlights so we’re skipping right into the highlighting!

2) When highlighting it is best to slightly thin your paints (we’re assuming traditional layer paints here and not Contrast) with Lahmian Medium on a non-absorbant surface. They come a tad too thick in the pot and the blend better when slightly thinner. You can also use a bit of water to thin your paints. Experiment to get the right consistency.

3) With a detail brush, pick out prominent edges / raised areas with Dark Reaper. After this stage you will likely have a table-ready army, but we need to go on a step to make these parade-ready.

4) Making sure you are painting a really thin line - noticeably thinner than the previous stage - pick out edges with slightly thinned Fenrisian Grey. When thinned, it will appears to blend slightly with the layer of Dark Reaper below.

Summary (and alternatives)

And that‘s it! A quick quite on how I painted my black Ulthwé armour. There is a notable alternative in my mind that you could try if you wanted more of a blue highlight scheme - the ‘dark teal’ Games Workshop show as one of their recommended colour schemes for Alarielle - part of the Sylvaneth range for Age of Sigmar.

Dark teal involves an Abaddon Black base, just as we have above, but instead of Dark Reaper use Sotek Green, and instead of Fenrisian Grey use Temple Guard Blue. I have started using this for claws, blades etc. for my growing Sylvaneth glade. Check out photos in my army showcase.

Thanks for reading!